Sunday, October 29, 2017

Apple Blossoms Trading ~ DIY Artificial Grass (Artificial Wheat ~ Tall Grass / Long Grass) ~ Wheat Reverie

Artificial Wheat Decoration ~ Wheat Reverie

Wheat Reverie Artificial Grass is a natural looking and elegant decoration item that is ideal for creating various interior design concepts and event themes. The artificial wheat comes in a beautiful Fresh Green or Golden Yellow color tone which resembles the natural hue of young wheat stalks and ripen wheat that are ready for harvest. Wheat Reverie also has a tall stature which makes it suitable for special interior decoration applications such as using it as a table top centerpiece, creating partition or screen and decorating walkways. The artificial wheat is practical and charming when decorated in flower pots or planters making it a wonderful display item for interior decoration. It also can also be arranged in various ways with ribbons or vases to create floral bouquets that are beautiful and special.

Creatively incorporate Wheat Reverie Artificial Grass into your interior decoration ideas to design wonderful themes and concept today!

Decoration Ideas: 

  • Bakery & Cafe Decoration
  • Restaurant Decoration
  • Home Kitchen Decoration
  • Creative Partition & Separator
  • Centerpiece & Table Top Decoration
  • Shop Display & Product Showcase (Bread, Health Product, Agriculture etc.)
  • Wedding
  • Fashion Show & Window Display
  • Event & Exhibition
  • Banquet & Gourmet Concept
  • Food & Beverage Display
  • Living Room Decor
  • Photography & Studio Display
  • Reception Area & Function Hall Decor

Wheat Color : Golden Yellow & Fresh Green
Height : 25"(63cm) ~ including stalk base
Application : Indoor

Shipping Information & Charges

Customers from Malaysia can purchase the product directly from our office in Bangsar - Kuala Lumpur by Cash & Carry.
Kindly contact us to arrange for an appointment: +6-016-9828918

Alternatively, we can also provide shipping within Malaysia. The additional shipping charges are as follows: 


12 to 24 stalk - RM90 

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Customers from Malaysia can also contact us directly by phone : +6-016-9828918